A Healthy Looking Meal for World Vegan Day 

World Vegan Day 

Restaurants Offering Vegan Options
World Vegan Day on the 1st November is celebrated by vegans and non-vegans alike. There have recently been more and more restaurants offering vegan options, and with an increase in diners opting for dairy and meat-free alternatives for health, environmental and ethical reasons it’s easy to see why.  Offering more inclusive options that everyone can enjoy is great for business. Delicious, well thought out vegan dishes can be relished by non-vegans, pescatarians and vegetarians, as well as vegans.

Whilst many non-vegans are trying out this lifestyle for World Vegan Day or for the month of January, there is an increasing amount of diners who are taking the plunge into long term veganism.  Research carried out by finder.com shows that the number of vegans in the UK is set to skyrocket by 327% by 2020. This is the reason why many restaurants are rethinking their menus and new technologies, such as plant-based “meat” style products are transforming dining worldwide.

Going out to eat has been getting gradually easier for vegetarians, but for vegans, it is a little trickier, with many restaurants offering little or no vegan options. Vegan diners are often left wanting as eateries can sometimes create their vegan option by removing the meat and dairy aspect of a meal, rather than replacing it with a tasty alternative. Rather than the vegan option being a dry vegetarian burger without mayo or the dull Greek salad without the feta, there is an increased demand for more interesting meals with new gourmet dairy alternative products such as Vegenaise and dairy-free cheese.

Restaurants that are not competing to win the business of these potential customers may be missing a trick. Essentially people want choice and with tempting new vegan offerings appearing in chain restaurants such as Bella Italia, Zizzi, Papa John’s, Pizza Express, Yo Sushi, Wagamama, Byron, Pizza Hut and, it looks as though veganism is becoming more mainstream and these trends seem set to stay.

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Restaurants Offering Vegan Options