What is an Agile Business

What is an Agile Business

What is an Agile Business?

You may think an agile business model only applies to large companies at risk of bigger threats. But the fact is, businesses of all sizes are exposed to the same risks. Although they might appear on different scales, the impact can be just as devastating if you’re not prepared. This is when an agile business solution can protect your investments.


What Does it Mean to be Agile?

Agile simply means the ability to respond quickly and effectively to sudden changes, both opportunities and alerts. These could include consumer, market, or financial changes as well as client demands. What works one week, might be wrong the next. Having an agile structure in place ensures you react to these changes with minimal disruption to your customers and business.


Examples of agile solutions include:

  • Providing equipment for hybrid working
  • Investing in cloud software
  • Hiring equipment to keep operations running
  • Moving investments to match market changes
  • Hiring more staff to meet demands


4 Benefits of Creating an Agile Business

Starting from scratch can be time-consuming, but upping your responsiveness brings many positives in the long run, such as:


You’re always prepared

Every industry faces its own difficulties, with unexpected events and changeable timeframes. An agile business gives you the foresight for these events; allowing you to remain consistent and bring value to an ever-changing market. It also offers an in-depth analysis of each scenario, enabling you to effectively prepare if it happens again.


Better money management

An agile strategy allows you to plan for every possible outcome: budgeting for additional resources and assets or finding money-saving solutions. It also identifies areas for investment and potential profit. Ultimately, if you know where your funds are allocated, you know you can deal with any eventuality.


You stay relevant

Part of an agile business plan involves keeping on top of your consumers’ behaviour. By tracking and analysing their movements, you can either predict the latest trend or have the resources in place to respond quickly to the ‘next big thing’. Consistently keeping you in the customers’ minds and a thought leader within your industry.


Inspires business growth

Staying up to date with the latest insights is proven to spark further innovation and ideas. Often introducing new processes, products or services to benefit your business. This’ll keep you one step ahead of your competitors as well as be a reliable partner when responding to quick changes.


How Can I Become an Agile Business?

Are you aware of your current business finances and investments? Do you know if you can utilise your assets to become more agile? The first step to creating an agile business model is understanding which areas you need to focus on. Here at Busby Finance, we can work with you to analyse where your business is currently at and the financial solutions you can put in place to enhance it.

For more information about agile working, contact the team today.