What are the benefits of Asset Finance?

What are the benefits of Asset Finance?

For many businesses, the only thing holding them back is availability to the resources they need to expand – whether that’s equipment, IT solutions, food services or something else. Asset Finance provides a solution to fit your situation; allowing you to lease what you need without impacting your business’s day-to-day routine or cashflow.

What is Asset Finance?

It’s essentially helping businesses grow by spreading the cost of necessary assets through buying, borrowing or hiring. Our dedicated blog on Asset Finance can tell you more.

What are the benefits for me?

The great feature of Asset Financing is that it can be tailored to fit your business needs and financial situation. We’ve listed the 6 main advantages below:

Available to anyone who’s eligible

Whether you’re a small, large or start-up company, asset financing is mostly used when a business needs a short-term loan to access something they need but don’t have the available funds for. By leasing the ‘asset’ from a lender, you can spread the cost without disrupting cashflow or business development plans.

Finance to suit you

By choosing the right type of finance for you, whether it’s Equipment Leasing, Hire Purchase, Finance Leasing or Asset Refinance, you’ll find something that meets your requirements. You can choose whether to buy, hire or borrow as well as set your repayment plan.

Fixed repayments

Unlike some bank loans, Asset Finance has fixed monthly repayments. The terms will depend on which type of asset financing you choose, but by knowing how much you’re repaying each month you can effectively budget for the rest of your business. Leasing via Asset Finance is also Tax deductible.

Instant access to essential resources

The reason many businesses can’t take that next big step is because they don’t have the money or resource to attain what they need, when they need it. When it comes to the actual ‘asset’, you can determine what is essential to you, whether that’s equipment, vehicles or software. There’ll also be no delay in acquiring it, meaning limited impact on your future plans.

Protects cashflow

As your business grows you may not have accessible funds, especially in the start-up days. By leasing your assets from a lender, you agree a fixed repayment plan that can be set up as a direct debit rather than invoices that have to be dealt with. It also means you can allocate cash elsewhere within your business.

Allows your business to grow

Asset Finance is a flexible and convenient way to keep your business plans moving. It’s also ideal for any ad-hoc purchases that you may not have planned for and rather than interrupt funds allocated for something else, you can lease the item you need instead.

How do I apply?

Simply get in touch. We can discuss your options and get things moving today.