A Business Owner Considering her Finance Options

Understanding Business Finance

Most people need some business finance to purchase assets, goods, raw materials and for the flow of other economic activities to start or run their business.

You may have your business capital in savings or coming from an investor; otherwise, you’ll need to consider business finance.

How Can Finance Help Your Business?

Simply put, you’ll be able to buy the things you need to start or grow your business. Usually investing money in advertising, infrastructure, product development, and staff.

Business Cash Flow

To have a successful business you will need to have sufficient funds to pay for the day to day expenditures, rent, payroll (including paying yourself) and materials. Being able to meet these basic obligations is required for any business. You usually need excess cash flow to grow your business.

Busby finance helps you secure the cash you need to grow your business and keep it running smoothly, so you can reach your desired income.

Finance Charges

Acquiring business finance is relatively easy, but it can do more harm than good if not handled correctly. Don’t be fooled by options like minimum payments. In the long-term debt can take its toll on your company’s financial health and stability by running up unsustainable amounts in finance charges.

Busby Finance enables you to keep track of charges and interest rates and make wise choices that will minimize any financial impact on your business or your life.

Your financial manager is there to advise you when you need help with finances and the best options for your business.

Busby Finance Business Loans

Whatever you need, we can help you to choose the best finance option and secure the right type of funding to ultimately grow your business.

Busby Finance offers a range of business loans from short term working capital and stocking loan facilities, to longer-term loans for growth and expansion. With a Busby Finance business loan, we can help you to achieve your company’s objectives with a cash injection.

Loan & Repayments

Our business loans allow you to borrow funds for your business and pay it back over an agreed period. We offer short and long-term loans with various repayment options, so we can tailor your loan to your requirements. We offer bespoke loans from three months to five years which can be used for almost any purpose in your business.

How Is Your Business Loan Paid?

  • You are paid the loan facility as a lump sum
  • You are in control of what you use the loan for within the business

Most, if not all, businesses need finance to expand. Understanding what a business needs is the easy bit – knowing where to turn for financial support is often less obvious.

Check your Eligibility and how much you can borrow.


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