A Pie Chart Representing Finance Options for a Small Business

How to Inject Cash into Your Small Business Fast

Healthy cash flow is the lifeblood that any business needs in order to grow to the next level, to sustain success, and keep up with competitors in a crowded market.  Small businesses in the UK attribute £2 trillion to the economy (based on research carried out by FSB) and account for over 99% of businesses within the private sector, providing employment to around 16 million people in the UK.  So as a major contributor to the country’s economy, why is it that entrepreneurs find such difficulty in finding small business finance to grow and maintain their business?

Large financial institutions are often cautious to lend to small businesses and to those who are just starting out.  This can be a huge frustration for the business owner that requires extra help to achieve their goals, as you are often required to produce large amounts of historical financial evidence.

It is possible to overcome these hurdles, by seeking alternative funding which offers the advantages of fast and flexible funding, without the red tape of a bank loan.

Lease finance allows a business to purchase the equipment they need, and with the payments being spread across a longer period, it helps to keep on top of any cash flow issues.

As SME’s are the backbone of the economy in the UK, alternative funding is vital to enable small businesses to unlock their value and to streamline financial processes.

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