Preparing Your Business For The Summer Season

Preparing Your Business For The Summer Season

Summertime not only brings the smell of sizzling BBQs and the sound of lively pub gardens, but it’s often a chance for many businesses to refocus. Taking the time to revamp, rest or invest. For some companies, summer will be your most profitable period. For others, although work may dial down, it offers time to assess your business and future plans.

Here are our 6 top tips on how you can get the most from your business this summer.

  1. Bring some sunshine to your marketing

This is a great chance to add a summer refresh to your branding. Not only does it provide new, eye-catching content for your audience, it’s a lot of fun too! Keep an eye on what’s trending right now; are there any phrases or topics you can optimise? Use it to inform consumers of any seasonal changes to your opening or delivery times too.

  1. Book staff holidays

If the warmer months are your peak season, you need to be preparing for them at least 3 months out. One area, in particular, is staff holiday requests. Make sure your team have submitted their holiday in plenty of time so you can ensure you have enough people to manage the summer rush. Check everyone is fully up to speed with any latest training, systems or seasonal elements too such as opening times or summer menus, products etc.

  1. Analyse seasonal data

Look back on previous summers and measure your data to review consumer shopping behaviour. This will help determine your summer campaigns and actions. For example, ensuring you have enough stock of your most popular product or finding ways to promote a beneficial summer service. Keep an eye on the weather forecast too, especially with the unpredictable UK weather, and be prepared for any scenarios with real-time communications.

  1. Communicate with existing clients

Businesses can get caught up in attracting new customers and your loyal members might get lost in the excitement. A simple email, card or call to wish them a wonderful summer is a nice way to stay on top of their mind. You can also keep them in the loop with any summertime updates, including opening times and a point of contact during holidays. As well as giving them a first look at any summer deals.

  1. Cashflow forecasting

Whether summer is a busy month for your business or not, it’s important to ensure there is regular cashflow coming into your accounts to keep you afloat. You still have bills and overheads to pay. Make sure you know where your cashflow is coming in, and when. If this is a quiet period for you, chase up outstanding invoices and check with clients whom to contact during their holiday period.

  1. Be organised

There are lots of small but smart solutions you can implement for a successful summer. If you’re on holiday or your contact times change, make sure your out-of-office and email signature provides the right information. Do as much as you can before taking a well-deserved break and give a detailed handover to your team. This way you can truly switch off, knowing your business is in safe hands and ready for you to jump back in for the next season.