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Finance Options for a Commercial Office Fitout

First impressions really do count. For many industries, this happens the moment they step into your office. Whether it’s a colleague, visitor or prospective client, you want to create an inviting, inspiring environment that clearly reflects who you are.

Although this may seem a significant upfront expense, investing in the right location and office design will increase your return in the long run. Furthermore, multiple finance options help you transform your new or existing premises to include open-plan layouts, private offices, showrooms, reception areas and facilities. There really is no limit to what you can achieve.

What type of finance can I get?

Whether it’s a small office fitout or a sizeable commercial refurbishment, here at Busby Finance, we offer a range of finance options to support your office fitout, including:

Finance Leasing – enabling you to purchase essential equipment over a period of time.

Hire Purchase – spread the cost of assets with the intention of owning them outright at the end.

Sale and Leaseback – we purchase any existing equipment and lease it back to you, allowing you to recoup some capital.

Business Loan – borrow funds to cover the costs of your office fitout, with set terms and a repayment agreement.


Which office essentials are included?

When it comes to your office fitout costs, everything required to make your office an efficient working environment can be financed. From the IT equipment, CCTV and construction work to the furniture, décor and catering facilities.


How does office fitout finance work?

Our team will establish how much of your office you require funding for. For example, it may be a complete redevelopment, relocation, or minor refurbishment. This will help determine the total funds required.

Next, we’ll review your current financial situation, this might include accounts, profit and loss and balance sheets, and cash flow forecasts, to determine which type of financial support would be best for you. Together, we’ll set out loan terms and a repayment plan before any work begins.


Financial savings on your office fitout

If all your requirements are essential to help your business perform, all costs for your office fitout can be offset against your tax. This can include office furniture, IT equipment, stationery and even gym facilities if that is something you’re offering to your staff. We recommend speaking with your accountant to ensure that what you include in your new office setup is tax deductible.


The benefits of fitout finance

When you know the next step for your business growth is updating or expanding your offices, don’t be put off by limited cash flow. Office finance has multiple advantages, including:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Tax deductible assets
  • Split costs over a period of time
  • Easy to budget and help manage cash flow
  • Allows you to invest in the latest technology
  • Keeps your office space up-to-date
  • Creates a pleasant environment for all


How Busby Finance can help you

Every business and, therefore, every office is different. Here at Busby Finance, we like to learn about your company: your values, what you offer and whom you work with to establish the right finance option for you — providing a quick and realistic solution to create your dream working environment. Contact the team to kick-start your office fitout.