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Sale & Leaseback

Busby Finance Ltd can offer Sale and Leaseback for any recently purchased assets or equipment within the business. If you have recently purchased equipment and are now looking to recoup that capital expenditure, then sale and leaseback could be the best option for you. The equipment is purchased from you and then leased back to you. You receive the money back that you originally paid your supplier and enter in to a monthly lease agreement for the equipment.

How Does Sale and Leaseback Work?

You purchase the equipment or assets from the supplier. We then arrange the purchase of the equipment from you and lease it back to you on a finance lease agreement. If the equipment has only recently been purchased, then we can normally reimburse 100% of the invoice value.

The Benefits of Sale and Leaseback

  • Cash back in to your account. The funds which you paid to the supplier are paid directly to your account providing a cash injection for the business.
  • Minimise strain on working capital by freeing up the money tied up in the equipment.

For more information about Busby Finance Ltd or Sale & Leaseback, please contact us.