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Finance Lease is a popular solution for businesses wishing to acquire new equipment. If your company requires equipment but is unable to pay for it upfront then Finance Lease could be the best solution.  Many businesses that do have the cash available to purchase equipment outright choose a Finance Lease because they understand the benefits of using this solution. Finance Lease means that the payments are spread over a longer period and are unaffected by changes in interest rates.  Finance Lease can be used to minimise the impact of equipment purchases on cashflow, and because the payments are fixed for the term, they can help businesses to plan and budget effectively.

How Finance Lease Works

With a Finance Lease, the equipment you require is purchased on your behalf and then leased to you over an agreed term. You choose the equipment which is the best fit for your requirements from your choice of supplier. The supplier is paid directly, and the equipment is rented back to you for the agreed term.

The Benefits of a Finance Lease

  • No large upfront costs.
  • Payments are fixed so it’s easier to budget, and don’t increase even if interest rates do.
  • Tax advantages – finance lease rentals are 100% tax deductible against profit.
  • Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts.
  • Get the equipment you need now, rather than making do with cheaper inferior equipment.

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