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Thousands of Businesses in the UK Use Leasing to Support Their Growth. Here’s Why…

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Busby Finance are on a difficult mission to create a buzz around finance.  With over 20 years’ experience within the finance industry, we know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the funding process.  We hate the lengthy application processes that can affect much of the industry.

We want to simplify this process with a no-nonsense approach that’s always approachable and gets to know you and your business.

Your dedicated account manager will always be available and strive to give the most personable, customer-focused experience.  As a small business, we take an individual approach to every customer we deal with, and tailor our offering to your requirements.  So, why not give us a call to see how we can help your business?

Why Choose Busby Finance?
A Message From The Director

At Busby Finance, I value the relationships I build with my customers above all else. I have worked for big corporations, high street banks, and large finance brokerages, and I hate the way that they do business. Customers become numbers, and brokers are expected to deal with more and more clients to the detriment of your longer-term existing customers. We don’t and won’t ever do this at Busby Finance. Our customers aren’t just numbers to us, their livelihood and business success is as important to us as our own. We regularly meet with our clients to discuss how business is going, what they require moving forward, and to explore new ways that we can help them. Often, we meet up for a catch-up and to have a chat about what new products or offerings they have because we genuinely love the industry and the sectors that we operate in.

I love to go and see our customers once a project has been completed, and I thrive on watching our customers succeed and grow. Being a part of their business journey is what makes me enjoy the job I do. I’m not interested in having so many customers that I can’t provide a decent service to them. I am dedicated to maintaining select clients for the long term and ensuring that I do everything in my power to turn their dreams into reality. Please give me a call today and let me arrange a consultation to show you how differently we work.
Alex Taylor Director of Busby Finance
Alex Taylor – Director of Busby Finance

Busby Finance Offer Friendly, Professional Advice on the Most Suitable Finance Option for Your Business

Helping your business grow!

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