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Thousands of Catering Businesses in the UK Use Leasing to Support Their Growth. Here’s Why…

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Reliable equipment is of great importance to any successful business.  We work with many suppliers and can finance anything from restaurant fit-outs to smaller items such as bain maries, fryers, refrigeration units, cold rooms, chillers, tables, air conditioning and Epos systems.  We are also able to finance equipment that you wouldn’t imagine. In fact, almost anything you see in a restaurant, take away, hotel or event catering business can be leased or financed by Busby.

So why choose a leasing option?  Because it is a tax efficient solution that aids your budgeting options and preserves your cash for unexpected occurrences that could save your business. 

Cash flow is crucial to a successful business and maintaining this can mean the difference between a dream that dives or one that flies.

Access to finance can be difficult to obtain.  Providing your budget and forecasting figures for a bank loan can be a struggle for a start-up.  The bank may ask for security to cover the loan and overdrafts may be withdrawn at short notice, which can be risky for any business. 

Although we specialise in the catering and hospitality industry, we have provided finance solutions for a whole range of other equipment and industries.  Please contact us today to discuss your finance options whatever your requirement.

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A Message From The Director

At Busby Finance I value the relationships I build with my customers above all else. I have worked for big corporations, high street banks, and large finance brokerages and I hate the way that they do business. Customers become numbers, and you are expected to deal with more and more clients to the detriment of your longer-term existing customers. We don’t and won’t ever do this at Busby Finance. Our customers aren’t just numbers to us, they’re livelihood and their business success is as important to us as our own. We regularly meet with our clients to discuss how business is going, what they require moving forward, and to explore new ways that we can help them.  Often, we just meet up for a catch up and to have a chat about what new products or offerings they have, because we genuinely love the industry and the sectors that we operate in.


Before I was an asset finance broker, I was a chef and my passion in the restaurant and hospitality sector led me to running my own catering business.  I still get roped in to running kitchens, events and bars because most of my friends are still in the industry, and because I like to keep up to speed. What can I say – I’m a sucker for punishment!  I know what’s important to industry owners and am enthusiastic about all elements of the industry.  I get genuinely excited at a new franchise offering, a new restaurant fit out, some new branding, even new menus that our customers are creating.  I love to go and see the fit out of a site when it’s completed and I thrive on seeing our customers succeed and grow.  Being a part of their business journey is what makes me enjoy the job I do.  I’m not interested in having so many customers that I can’t provide a decent service to them.  I’m dedicated to maintaining select clients for the long term and ensuring that I do everything in my power to turn their dreams into reality.  Please give me a call today and let me arrange a consultation to show you how differently we work.

Alex Taylor Director of Busby Finance
Alex Taylor – Director of Busby Finance

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